Tuesday, June 29, 2010

TrackRec 2.0 updated for iOS4 is here!

TrackRec 2.0 is now available in the App store! Updated for iOS 4, using location background mode, it facilitates "always on" tracking. TrackRec will now continue tracking until you pause tracking and switch off location sharing (by depressing the cloud icon on the map view). You can verify weather TrackRec is tracking or not, by looking for the new little "compass icon" on the status bar at the top of the iPhone. It is visible whenever location services are in use.

Do also check out the new option in Settings (TrackRec's settings in the iPhone settings app... ). The new "Cell tower triggered" will disable the GPS and trigger location updates only when there are significant location changes. These updates are typically far less accurate than the GPS updates, but this mode might still come in handy for example if you want to have location sharing always on (without draining the battery).

While on the Settings topic: the old "Distance filter" setting wasn't really working as it should. That should be fixed now.