Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TrackRec 3.0 with GPX support is here!

3.o is a major update with new (much requested!) track export options: it is now possible to export tracks in GPX and CSV (raw) formats using the email function, and TrackRec now also stores timestamps, altitude and location accuracy with each location update.

In addition the UI and icons are refreshed. Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally: TrackRec 2.1 is out!

Trackrec 2.1 with improved sharing options and important bugfixes is out!

Specifically, if you are on iOS 5 and have set up Twitter on your device (see Settings/Twitter), you can now tweet track and location URLs from within TrackRec. You can now also simply choose to copy URLs to the clipboard for easy use in other applications.

One of the more important bug fixes involve fixing a compatibility issue with the latest version of Google Earth. If your tracks didn't show up correctly there, try to re-export them from TrackRec 2.1 . Thanks Craig for spotting this problem!

A UI issue with the track re-naming dialog was also fixed.