Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some initial tips&tricks:

  • As in any Google maps application on the iPhone, you can zoom in by double tapping on the map, and zoom out by tapping with two fingers simultaneously.
  • Use the lock slider on the main screen to avoid stopping the tracking unintentionally. You cannot use the normal iPhone locking functionality, as that disables the GPS. For best results, you should also disable auto lock in settings.
  • TrackRec has an entry in the iPhone settings, where you can choose to view distances in miles or kilometers, or set the GPS accuracy (in order to trade battery life for precision).
  • To rename a saved track, click "Edit" in the history table, and then the little arrow on the right.
  • Don't miss out on the "Share" functionality on the track history maps. If you have email set up on your iPhone, you can export tracks in KML format, such that they can be viewed in e.g. Google Earth.

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