Wednesday, January 18, 2012

TrackRec 3.0 with GPX support is here!

3.o is a major update with new (much requested!) track export options: it is now possible to export tracks in GPX and CSV (raw) formats using the email function, and TrackRec now also stores timestamps, altitude and location accuracy with each location update.

In addition the UI and icons are refreshed. Enjoy!


  1. I just found this program, and it's about 99% of what I am looking for to do radio reception testing with some of the major automakers here in the US. Please contact me directly at jcarlock (at) gmail (dot) com as I may have some funding available to donate to this project to make a few tweaks.

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  3. Time stamp is off by 5 hours. Can this be fixed ? Thanks

  4. Also the addition of having the option to have Auto-Lock disabled within the app settings

  5. TrackRec is a great app, but it is sad it was removed from the Hungarian store so I cannot access it any more on my newer devices and will have to look for a replacement.
    Please put TrackRec back into the Hungarian store too!