Sunday, September 13, 2009

A new version (v1.01) of TrackRec was submitted for review today and will hopefully show up in App Store soon. It contains optimizations for faster track drawing on maps and more robust track saving. Saved tracks will also take up significantly less space with the new update.


  1. Thanks for the great app.

    A have a problem though. (I have auto-lock on) So when I'm using your app the iphone goes to sleep and loses gps, which means I don't get a track of my path, just a straight line between the point it stopped tracking and my current location.

    I think it is possible to make the app's lock function over-ride the auto-lock (See Motionx Lite app).

    I know it's version 1, but I hope to see some work done on the ui and the icon too- keep up the great work. :)



  2. I am loving this app. I use it everyday for work. For what I do at work, I need to drive every street, every cul de sac, every nook and cranny in the city, past every house. This app is a godsend for keeping track of what streets I have driven on, and what streets I have missed. I can not wait for updates to this wonderful app. I love how lightweight the app is, and seems to respond quickly.

    The only problem I have with the app - when I stop moving for a few minutes, and start moving again, the blue dot takes too long to start moving again, and when it does, a lot of times it will catch up to me, then move back to where I stopped, then catch back up to me, then go back to where I stopped, over and over. I have to pretty much exit the app or restart my tack when this happens.

    I would definitely pay a few bucks for this is if it was just a little smoother - and one thing of major importance (for me)- it needs to be able to record 50+ miles without hiccups. I know I am probably asking for a lot given what the iPhone GPS is limited to - but I would much rather use my iPhone for this, instead of spending $100+ on a standalone GPS to do this for me.

    Thank you for the great app - keep up the good work!


  3. Thanks for the feedback guys!

    Will look into the auto-lock override, think I've seen it elsewhere too. Maybe for the version after next ;) Otherwise, the advice is to disable auto-lock while tracking for now. Can see that (optional) override would be better though...

    About the blue dot responding slowly: this is not really controlled programatically by the app (it is part of MapKit), but maybe it improves if you change the GPS accuracy to "best" and GPS distance filter to "none" in the TrackRec settings (in the regular iPhone settings)? Things might also improve with the update currently in review, as it will be more responsive in general.

  4. Thanks for the response, I will try your suggestion about the distance filter today. Can't wait to see the new version in the app store!