Wednesday, September 30, 2009

TrackRec v1.01 with faster drawing and more robust track saving is now available in App Store, so get it while it's hot :p ... Here's a link to the application page.

This version should solve many of the problems reported related to track saving, which basically was too slow when the application was quitting.


  1. Awesome! Can't wait to try out the new version today!

  2. Requests

    TrackRec are difficult to use with.

    1 iPhone / Settings / General / Rock Auto / trace exactly what made it on there?

    2 TrackRec running, start other applications, email, phone, and
    I want to Don't stop TrackRec App.

    3 "Track History" of character is too small.

  3. New version is definitely faster and all around seems to be perfect, minus one thing I'm noticing... Ever since the update the app seems to stop recording (or drawing the red line) every once in a while. The blue dot still moves but the red line won't draw. One time it lasted for several miles. Also on the main screen where you start and stop recording, it is not showing the mileage anymore, it is showing .1%F or something.

    Overall ther speed of the app has greatly improved. Very excited to have found this app, and I will continue to use only this app for recording my trips.

  4. Re: 1 iPhone / Settings / General / Rock Auto / trace exactly what made it on there?

    I'm kind of lost here: you are not talking about TrackRec settings, are you?

    About 3rd party applications like Trackrec running in the background: this is prohibited/not possible on an unmodified iPhone, so not much I can do about that unfortunately.

    Re: too small text. A matter of taste I guess. I kind of like it small and compact, but I hear what you are saying. A re-design is planned for later.

    Re: "not showing the mileage anymore, it is showing .1%F" : oooch, what a bad mistake from my side. Can't believe how that could slip through. Kilometers (the default) works fine, but that is no excuse. While investigating this I also realized that the default settings are not read correctly the first time. But both these problems should now be fixed in TrackRec v 1.02 (just submitted to Apple for review).

    Re: mismatch between Blue dot and drawn track : hmmm, again, I have no control over the blue dot, and the only reason I can think of that could be causing the track not to be drawn is if the GPS accuracy is very bad. If it was less than 175m (as shown on the main screen), TrackRec v 1.01 was hardcoded not to record... Could that be what you saw you think: was the reception bad when you observed the problem?

    In v 1.02 the "required accuracy" is an adjustable setting, so you could try to increase the threshold and see if that helps.

    Many thanks for the feedback! It keeps making the app better ;)

  5. You are probably right about the reception, I experience poor reception from time to time because of the vehicle I am in, is not very good for gps on the iPhone unfortunately. I can get over that though. It may have been poor signal, but I do notice that sometimes the red line will just not draw, never had this problem in 1.0. I have to usually restart the app and reset my track in order to get the red line to draw again, it's pretty random when it happens. All in all, this is still my favorite for recording paths, and by far the best available in the app store, so keep up the good work, and thanks again for making such a great app!

  6. just used your app today for the first time...great job! 2 suggestions if i may...

    1. keep tracking when exiting the app until Pause Tracking is selected (if not, then at least save the track history before exiting)

    2. option to add a marker along your track. thinking a 'Place Marker' button. tracking is still logged, but a marker is placed at that point along the track and the distance and time for that marker. of course its also saved as part of the history.

    either way...great app. thanks!

  7. Thanks for your feedback--much appreciated!

    re: 1. maybe I misunderstand you, but it should keep track of were you were when you last exited the app. You just have to press continue tracking next time you start TrackRec. Or is it just this you would like to see changed: that it "continues" automatically? Think I can see both pros and cons with that. Like after a phone call "automatic continue" is probably what you want. Maybe This behaviour can be controlled with a new option...

    re 2: Yes, good point. Have been thinking about something similar. Will try to add it later on.