Sunday, November 29, 2009

Track and location sharing hints

Remember to set a nick name in the TrackRec iPhone settings, and to name you tracks by 'editing' from the 'Track History' view. This will make the shared location and track web pages look better.

The TrackRec server scripts have now also been updated, so those who potential had problems uploading for the first time, should have their issues resolved.


  1. I have a strange request. In my endless search for a better gps signal, I was able to find a way to connect my external Bluetooth gps receiver to my iPhone. Fantastic! My blue dot is always spot on, has never been better. One thing, I really like using trackrec to record my progress during the day, but trackrec will only draw the red line when I do not have the map displayed. So for example, if I am looking at the summary page, while driving, it will record my track flawlessly. But as soon as I switch to the map, trackrec stops drawing the red line, but the blue do moves along perfectly as it should.

    I do not expect you to try and fix this, but myself having no programming skills at all, I am not sure if this could be an easy thing, or something that maybe you'd like to start taking donation for... :)

    I had to jailbreak my phone to get it to connect to the Bluetooth gps, so I understand if this is something you are not interested in looking at. I am having success using other tracking programs, but I would just prefer to use the sleek and light trackrec.

    Thanks again for your time!


  2. I sure would like to solve the problem you are seeing ... my main problem is that I do not seem able to reproduce it myself here though.

    Interesting with an external GPS :) So that then totally replaces the internal one, and you can use it seamlessly in any app?

    I am wondering if this could still be related to the accuracy reported by the GPS ... what kind if "GPS inaccuracy" reading are you getting on the main screen with your external GPS? Maybe its not reported correctly (even if its very accurate)? That would actually explain why the blue dot moves (it is not controlled by the app), but no track is recorded. If you didn't try setting the "Required accuracy" to "No accuracy required" in the iphone settings you could perhaps do that ... The app should btw really have a visual indicator for when this setting prevents tracking ...

    It shouldn't matter if you switch to the map though. I have another idea what it might be, but that requires a bit of a code rewrite, and will take a while since a have a crazy schedule ahead now ...

  3. So far the app is working with 90% of the app I have tested with it, maybe closer to 75%. I asked the developer of the softwre the same thing I asked you, he replied, and I will post his reply here soon. He said something about Trackrec using two instances of the CLLocation manager. I don't really know what that means.. But if you wanna check out the app,

    thanks again for your time!