Saturday, November 21, 2009

TrackRec 1.2 with new track and location sharing is now avaliable!

TrackRec 1.2 with new track and location sharing functionality is now available in App store!

You can upload up to 10 tracks to the TrackRec web server, and share them with your friends. For each uploaded track, you will get a compact link, that you can send out to your friends, who can see the your track directly in their web browser.

V 1.2 also has real-time location sharing: tap the cloud icon on the map view, and you will similarly get a link that you can distribute. With this link, your friends can see where your are "live". To stop location sharing, tap the cloud again, and wait for the icon to go black. Your location is then no longer available on the server.

The web pages are optimized also for iPhone, so it should be just fine to send your track and location links also to other iPhone users that may (not yet) have TrackRec, such that they can view in Safari.



  1. Thank you for this software. Now my friends can check realtime, what's my position.

    Very usefull project.

    Have you ever thought about doing this for logistics and distribution?

  2. Thanks :)

    It is only a hobby project from my side so far, yet hoping it should be useful in many scenarios...

  3. Thanks for the great software,if include the time stamp will be perfect.thanks.